ICU Staffing

The law requiring safe patient assignment limits for ICU nurses is in effect and all hospitals and nurses must comply with the law in ALL ICUs in Massachusetts, the law requires that a staff nurse be assigned one patient at a time. ONLY if the staff nurse has assessed that it is safe for both patients may a nurse ACCEPT the care of a second patient. DPH-certified acuity tool must be used to aid them in making their assessments. At no time may a staff nurse accept the care of three (3) or more patients at a time.

Documentation of Violation of MGL Chapter 111, Section 231 re: ICU Staffing


  2. NOTIFY THEM VIOLATION WILL BE REPORTED: Inform them you intend to report the violation to the State’s Health Policy Commission (HPC), the Department of Public Health (DPH), and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.
  3. SUBMIT FORM: Download this form as a PDF, or fill out the interactive form below, and the MNA will file a complaint detailing the violation with the HPC, DPH and the Attorney General.