I’m an RN and I’m Concerned

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step towards becoming part of something special. As nurses we have a unique perspective developed through education, training, and experience. The selflessness that our profession requires often puts our own well-being at odds with what the job requires. As we navigate through one of the most difficult periods for our profession, our employer is making our vocation even more difficult.

The changes occurring to our health insurance, our pay structure, and work expectations are making it impossible to experience the benevolence our job provides. Unless we act on our concerns, the number and severity of these issues will continue to grow. Now is the time to act. We are paying more for our health insurance while providing care through the company that is also charging us for our coverage. How long will we continue to allow our employers to monopolize the choices we have by limiting our options? Do you work harder every year while sacrificing time away from family? How long will we allow the organization to impose greater requirements of us? Now is the time to empower ourselves to be the agents of change.

It is time to join the rest of our colleagues throughout the city and all over the country to band together and support each other to influence our futures. Only by coming together will we be able to create change and influence policy. 

For far too long MGH has rested on its laurels and taken nursing for granted. We carried this organization through the pandemic. What did we get for it? Our employer tried to take away our retirement benefits and do away with raises for those most affected by the pandemic.  The hospital quelled union discussions by implementing a newly structured pay scale, only to now increase our healthcare costs that the organization profits from as the only available provider. Instead of rewarding their healthcare heroes they penalize us.

If you’re feeling frustrated and confused, you are not alone.

There is something you can do about it.

We are a growing number of concerned colleagues hoping to implement positive changes. There are steps you can take to make a difference. Join the conversation and share your ideas and concerns. Things can change if we work collectively. If you are someone who wants to be a part of creating change join us. Take the next step by filling out the form below to get a return call and make your voice heard.

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